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Autor Version 2.8 ?   1 # 3 top

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It seems the version of my CAN_StellPult is 2.8

--> What are the changes from the previous 2.7 version ?

Also I have another CAN_StellPult from a French distributor. Version is 1.6, seems very old.

--> Do you have some documentation about this old version ?

--> Is it possible to link this old version to the recent one ?

--> Is it possible to update this old version ?


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Autor RE: Version 2.8 ?   2 # 3 top
Wilde 13

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Hello Julaye,

Welcome to the forum!

You are right, the recent version of the CAN-StellPult is 2.8 and the difference to 2.7 is only a small bugfix concerning the interaction with the CS2/3.

The version 1.6 is older, indeed. All versions before 2.0 are only for the use with Märklin products, e.g. MS2, CS2/3. Unfortunately it is not possible to update the old device, because it has a different circuit board.

From 2.0 on the CAN-StellPult can be used together with Roco's Z21 and Zimo's MX10 as well. Here the ZCAN protocol is used that normally is completely different to the Märklin protocol (MCAN). The newer CAN-StellPult is an exception, because it fits both systems MCAN and ZCAN.

You can link the older device to the newer one and the difference is only small, more precisely, that with the old CAN-StellPult at the very first beginning you cannot choose between MCAN and ZCAN (it fits MCAN only, but you can choose between MM and DCC protocol, of course). Furthermore, the older device has no stop/go function yet.

Kind regards,
Wilde 13

Wilde 13

Autor RE: Version 2.8 ?   3 # 3 top


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Thanks !

I will link the 1.6 version to the 2.8 version as I use the Stellpult with MS2 / Digibox.

Just an idea is to provide a mask that we can write references for the solenoids in use.

See attached files : JPG sample and .XLSX file to print the sample (unzip)

(Size: 1.93Mb, px: 4032x2367)  (Size: 8.68Kb, 37 Hits)

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